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Slate tile roofs have been used for more than a century. It's regarded as the most excellent quality and longest-lasting roofing material available. Slate roof tiles are also the most attractive and costly to repair. Our installers/technicians have been trained to work on slate roofs in order to ensure that they provide excellent service.

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Advantages of Slate Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are increasingly popular on new construction and replacement roofs owing to a wide range of architectural and color possibilities. They're also energy-efficient and resistant to the elements, which is why they're so popular among places with cold, high-wind climates. There's just a little upkeep throughout their long life span.

A slate roof is the most outstanding choice on the market if you're seeking a roof that is both high-quality and long-lasting. Slate roofing in Parker, CO, has a number of advantages that homeowners will definitely love. It's a natural stone product with a distinctive, elegant look that will stand the test of time.

Slate roofs: A century of beauty and performance

A slate roof is highly popular among older homes, and one of the most essential factors in its longevity is the foundation on which it rests. Once built, a slate roof may endure for more than 100 years. Slate is a popular choice among homeowners seeking a new roof because of its elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Slate has a wide selection of color and design options that most customers are unaware of. This allows you to obtain the appearance you desire with the assurance and stability of slate.

Slate roofs are intended to last for a century or more when they are first put on your home. As a matter of fact, there is no reason a slate roof can't survive 150 years or longer if it is built and maintained correctly.

Pros of a Slate Tile Roof


By appearance, slate roofs are considered breathtaking. Natural stone adds a touch of class to any home, making them more spectacular. Slate provides your home with a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Slate roof tiles also come in a variety of forms, tones, colors, thicknesses and can be mixed and matched.


Provided they are kept in good repair, slate roofs may have a life span of more than a century (100 years).

Fire Resistance

When it comes to fire, slate tile roofs are entirely fire-resistant. When avoiding fires due to air-borne sparks from fireworks, neighboring home blazes, or wildfires, slate roofs can help prevent fires from spreading, making this is a significant advantage of slate roofs.

Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, roofing materials make up a percentage of over 5% of all waste disposed of in landfills. The number of non-slate types of roofs that need to be replaced grows by almost 10-15 years with every passing generation. Slate roofs don’t need replacement as frequently. Therefore they are not a source of environmental pollution.

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Slate Tile Roofing Repair and Maintenance

Slate roofing has been appreciated for its longevity and beauty for hundreds of years. Slate tiles' beautiful, multi-tonal hues provide depth and dimension to any building. Slate roofs are extremely durable in the face of weather conditions and may endure weather damage for many years.

The durability of a slate roof is largely determined by the sort of stone utilized, as well as the placement and overlap in terms of the pitch of the roof. If your slate roof is damaged by weather, you'll need to repair it as soon as possible to prevent additional water damage or shingle damage.

Why to Hire for Your Slate Tile Roofs?

You should always hire expert companies for slate roofing services in Parker, CO, that have considerable expertise. Roof repair can be quite pricey. Furthermore, inexperienced roofers may cause further costly damage while attempting to mend slate roofing without breaking additional shingles.

In this context, trust the roofing contractors of Altitude Exteriors & Restorations in Parker, CO, who have prior experience with slate roof installation to ensure your premium slate roof's durability, longevity, and sophisticated appearance!

Slate tile roofing is the perfect choice for your home in Parker, Colorado

When you consider that a traditional construction may need to be replaced after 15-20 years, it's clear that a slate roof will provide considerably more years of service than a typical or traditional roof.

Slate roofs are more resistant to rain and hail damage than other types of roofing, so you'll need fewer services for roof repair in Parker, CO.

Every 15-20 years, the roofs on your home or business must be replaced. That waste will soon build up in landfills, resulting in a significant environmental effect. A slate roof is designed to endure for hundreds of years, resulting in a substantial reduction in waste when a roof is replaced.

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